About me


In the silence, Her breath blows.

Her breath upon this mountain.

Her skin, soft upon this mound.

Mother of all, may Your sweet breath

breathe into me a song,

and that song of joy is what I sing

on these beloved shores.  The colours

are brighter than ever before,

the veils so thin they are gone, 

they are gone, they are gone -

I am Home...

I sing my heart's song

to the moon, to the stars,

to this beloved earth,

wet in the nighttime dew.

Echoing in the ruined halls of memory,

even in this moon glow, 

a child's voice:  his laughter.  Her joy.

Goddess Templet 3.jpg

We are living at an incredible time when many people are feeling the importance of remembering our interconnection to one another and are wanting to explore the sacred from a feminine perspective.  My music and art are a response to this calling in a cultural context where any indigenous Goddess traditions were largely forgotten a long time ago and have to be reimagined, re-membered.  The songs I sing are built on a lifetime's foundation of exploration of the spirit of the land, and I am so excited to share these gifts of the heart with you.  I play all of my own instruments, including an ethereal Finnish plucked zither called a kantele - an instrument that connects me to a still living tradition of my Finnish ancestors.


While I have learned and gained knowledge from different spiritual traditions, my aspiration is to become a ceremonialist and Priestess of Goddess ceremony in the land where I live, offering a new perspective in the here and now.  My music is dedicated to soul singing, drawing on experiences of deep personal transformation, mediumship, and an ever unfolding spiritual connection to the natural world.

I live in the beautiful land surrounding the ancient chalk figure of the Uffington White Horse in Oxfordshire, in the south of England.