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Goddess Temples

and Bespoke Ceremonies


Gathering in Sacred Community

Just like our intuition can be a bridge between this perception and spirit, an intentionally held ceremonial space actualises the gift of this connection in service to our world, to others, and to ourselves.  We deepen our connections with the sacred, with the natural world, and with our personal ancestor lines.  We mark important milestones and events, and we heal and transform our communities. 


It is a pure joy for me to offer a deeply nurturing, ceremonial sacred space as a service in any community.  This can be a 'pop-up' community space at events and festivals, a seasonal celebration on the Wheel of the Year, an important celebration such as a handfasting, or a bespoke ceremony for personal development and healing.  I offer ceremony and celebrancy as services asking for a donation to cover costs such as the materials involved, transport, and help for the Goddess in Oxford group to be able to offer a wider schedule of seasonal ceremonies and workshops.

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Get involved in Temple practice or find your local Goddess Temple

If you are local to Oxford (United Kingdom) and would like to discover ceremonies or pop-up Temples held by our 'Goddess in Oxford' group, we would love to hear from you on the group's Facebook page. You can also check back on this website's Events page for updates.

In the UK, there is a growing number of many wonderful ways to become involved in both Goddess centred and other neo-Pagan groups in different local communities.  As starting points, you might try the Pagan Federation or visit the Glastonbury Goddess Temple's growing directory of Goddess Temples around the world working in the Avalonian lineage and other modern lineages.

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