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CDs are manufactured in small batches in eco-friendly packaging and prepared ceremonially with love and care to send to you.  This is a way that I can share the sacred space and intention of this work with you.  If you are purchasing a CD as a gift or would like to receive a CD by a specific date, please let me know in your comments when you order.


'Chalice of Avalon' is an album of songs inspired by the inner and outer world of Avalon, a place of beauty, mystery, transformation, and deep healing.  As Anneli's first album, these songs draw from deeply transformative spiritual experiences, devotional feeling, and mediumship.  The album was performed, recorded, and produced in the early hours of the night as a labour of love, after busy days of family life, in her home in a small Oxfordshire village. 

Released 1 Febrary 2021

Sound attributions:
Composed, performed, recorded, and produced by Anneli Lähdetär
In Chalice of Avalon, "water_drip-echo2.wav" by roscoetoon is licensed under CC BY 3.0

In Winter Heart (Soul Song Before Birth), "robin2" by reinsamba is licensed under CC BY 3.0

All other rights reserved.

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